About Us

A family Company, we were founded in 2002 when two brothers wanted to build on the work carried out over several years by their parents, only taking a different approach, looking to implement a new concept for both the domestic and foreign markets to meet the new demands and challenges.

They dedicated themselves to the production, conservation, standardisation and packaging of fruit, focusing on the production of Rocha pears and several varieties of apples, especially the Royal Gala Fuji and Golden Delicious varieties.   

The enterprise is located in the ideal region given its business, which includes the zones of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the Rocha pear of the West and the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for the Alcobaça apple. 

We are producers of the Alcobaça apple, a national variety with unique characteristics.

Present and Future 

Our goals involve consolidating the production, as well as the commercialisation/service provided to the business partners, and investing in the quality of the product and customer satisfaction. We want to be the best at what we do, and we have products and skills to make this happen. 

Our activity is based on the principles of dedication, innovation, quality, food safety and service. 

Business activity: 

  • 40% domestic market; 
  • 60% foreign market.

We were attributed the IAPMEI Distinction of SME Excellence 2013, which recognises the company’s economic and financial performance as well as its sustainable growth strategy.

In order to make a bigger splash in the market, there was a pressing need to create a new image and website. A new logo was created and the whole graphical line of the company was remodelled, using a new image on the stickers and cardboard packaging. 


The company owns a warehouse that has a total surface area of 4,000 square metres, storage capacity of 2,400 tonnes, seven normal refrigerators with storage capacity of 1,400 tonnes, 5 controlled atmosphere chambers with storage capacity of 1,000 tonnes, a packaging room and a dispatching chamber.

In order to increase our ability to meet demand, this year the company shall invest in packaging equipment with a new calibration line that selects the fruit by its weight, diameter and colour, and two harvesting platforms that ensure more refined picking.